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Louisiana, Missouri

Founded in 1816 by John Walter Basye.

The town carries a special significance in its name. With no link to the southern state, Basye actually named the settlement after his daughter, Louisiana Basye.

Louisiana developed quickly as a commercial port. Situated along the Mighty Mississippi, it soon became a rowdy and boisterous river town. The townspeople and regular visitors traveling up and down the river produced a growing pot of local wealth.

Over time, that wealth led to numerous antebellum homes that still stand in all their beauty.

Many of the remaining, original Louisiana homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Georgia Street Historic District in the downtown loop is also listed.

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Louisiana Today

Louisiana is located in the northeast quadrant of Missouri nestled alongside the Mississippi River. The town is just south of Hannibal, in 2010 had a census population of just over 3,300 residents.

Louisiana is one of three communities that were formed along the “50-Miles of Art” corridor. Hannibal and Clarksville are the other two. The area earned its name due to the many artists and artisans who live between the three towns.

Louisiana is soon poised to become part of the green energy revolution by repurposing a former ammonia plant. It will now be devoted to production of synthetic fuels, driving the local and state economies.

There continues to be movement along the Mighty Mississippi today. However, most commercial trade is now navigated along the state’s highways. The days of “river town revelry” have instead become a thing of lore and nostalgia.

Louisiana remains a charming community to visit with loads to offer. Read more about what to do in Louisiana and why to select Eagle’s Nest Inn.

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Local Folklore

Local folklore is in no short supply in Louisiana. The Missouri Monster (or “MoMo,” as it’s called) was rumored to have lived in Louisiana as recently as the 1970s, tormenting the town and surrounding areas.

Many stories, books and documentaries have covered the controversial topic. More recently, the city of Louisiana has even started hosting Historic Ghost Tours.

Home with pillars in Louisiana, MO
Buildings in downtown Louisiana MO

Discover Lay Center

Louisiana is home to a beautiful outreach of St. Louis University. Come enjoy this beautiful park and spend the day basking in a serene, natural environment. Learn more!

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